Europe's gateway to Iran

Amaj Kaboudan Trade Company is a company from the heart of the Middle East, a resource-rich country and brilliant Iranian talents and the city of Urmia, which is famous for its unique lake in the world.

Strategic position of West Azarbaijan province and especially Urmia, due to bordering three countries, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Iraq, has turned the area into Europe's gateway to Iran on the Silk Road. For this reason, this region is one of the most attractive areas for any investment  including industrial, agricultural and services.

Meanwhile, the young and expert team of Amaj, believing in need of increasing awareness and knowledge with up to date science in the field of business and economics by new marketing methods, participation in workshops, seminars and conferences and with expanding national and international communication networks, has taken positive steps to introduce the opportunities and facilities of this special area to all around the world more than ever and they are ready to cooperate with respectable domestic and foreign manufacturers for marketing, importing and exporting of their qualified products and introducing investment opportunities to enthusiasts.

Thank you for choosing us to collaborate.

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