Amaj Kaboodan has been planned its long-term goals on strengthening brands and introducing Iranian business and investment capabilities in international arena by using new forms of marketing in dealing with challenges, identifying potential and providing investment opportunities in Iran.
So, follow us in introducing one of great areas; Our Province:

West Azarbaijan is the most northwest province of Iran where is the one of the most prone agricultural areas. In addition, the existence of nomads of the province plays a significant role. The two groups of non-metallic minerals and food-pharmaceuticals among the other industries have the highest employment rates. Mines of building materials and granite, granite, mica, zarnikh, talc, travertine, gold, fireclay and mineral wool could be mentioned among them.
Urmia is one of the metropolises of Iran and the center of the West Azarbaijan province, located 1332 meters high in the west of Lake Urmia, on the slopes of the mountain range and in the Urmia Plain. Urmia is relatively warm in the summer and cold in winter.
The city has been in the region's commercial centers due to its location in the Caucasus highway, the Middle East and Asia Minor. This city is the capital of Iran's volleyball and is famous with the title of Happy city, Paris of Iran, the city of water, the city of religions. A variety of syrups and saps and extracts, walnut and carrot halva, and domestic food-medicine dessert,Dowshab are the most important souvenir of Urmia.
Lake Urmia is the largest internal lake in Iran and the second largest lake in the world. The water of this lake is very salty, and this ecosystem has been internationally registered by UNESCO as a protected area. The Iranian Environment Organization has identified most of the lake's points as a national park, which unfortunately has been dying in recent years.
In ancient Persian language, this lake is called Chichest which is meant brilliant (because of mineral foundations found on the coast as crystal). In the middle of this period, the lake is also known as the Kaboudah (Kaboudan), which has been spoken in the Armenian language by the word "azure" in Farsi or կապույտ or "Kapuyt / Gabuyd". In Latin, this lake is named Lacus Matianus.
The name of the company, Amaj Kaboodan,is originated from the ancient name of Lake Urmia.
Source: Wikipedia

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