"DOWSHAB" which is called around the country as a traditional jam and it comes from sap of trees such as grapes and dates, has the history as old as the civilization of Iran. This product is so valuable, specially, in the territory of Azerbaijan and economically, supplying of this product as one of the country's traditional sweets is worthwhile.
These days, preparation of this traditional product that demands certain customs and great inconvenience is limited in certain areas of West Azerbaijan region. Men and women in Western Azerbaijan try to preserve the production, DOWSHAB, as part of its economic and cultural heritage and produced in numerous ton in these areas, annually.

Ingredients and vitamins
DOSHAB is one of the products grapes that is obtained the grape juice. Compared to grape, it is extremely high in calories and consumption of small amounts of it compensates the lost energy. This delicious grape syrup contains vitamins A, B, C and minerals such as iron, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium content.

The benefits of DOWSHAB:
Due to essential antioxidants in DOWSHAB, it plays useful role in the treatment of many diseases such as jaundice, weakness, neurasthenia, artery and vein rheumatic pains. DOWSHAB opens veins and cramps.
DOWSHAB is stimulating liver actions and helps hematopoiesis. To Jaundice treatment, DOWSHAB mixes with a little vinegar.
Eating DOWSHAB, mixed with a little saffron powder, fix sadness, overcome sorrow and is useful for fury and neurasthenia.
Consumption of DOWSHAB relieves chest pain and chronic cough. Specially, if is eaten with figs and fenugreek, it soothes rheumatic arthritis and artery and vein diseases.
DPWSHAB consumption for people with high blood pressure is not insalubrious.
If DOWSHAB is eaten by SODAB (Herbaceous plants from citrus dark), it can be useful for Epilepsy.
If it mixes with boiled barley, it is good for crushing Kidney and bladder stones.

Strengthen the overall strength
This nutrient has many benefits for women. In winter when the body needs more energy to keep warm itself, is the best food. DOWSHAB is very nutritious, and for those who has been weakened by a prolonged illness or surgery, or people who are very skinny, is very useful. It treats general weakness of the body and organs weakness and strengthens the body.

The benefits of DOWSHAB for Kids and teenagers
Since the children and teenagers need more nutrients for growth, consumption of DOWSHAB can provide calories and some the materials needed for growing bodies. For this reason, parents are recommended to use DOWSHAB on their children and teenagers diet.

The benefits of DOWSHAB for the stomach and intestines
One of the most effective properties of DOWSHAB is cleanliness property, so that its consumption causes excretion of urea and some unusual acids of the body. As a result, it cleans the remaining of the food in the intestines and stomach. In addition, this nutrient is carminative and helps hematopoiesis.

Skin health
Existence of vitamins and useful nutrients in the grapes is helpful for skin that maintains skin healthy. DOWSHAB can be used directly on the skin with rashes. In addition, taking it on the skin causes hardening of the skin, thus it prevents skin aging. That is why grape is used in many cosmetic products.
For the treatment of freckles, grape juice alone or mixed with salt is rubbed on stains.
It relieves swelling caused by a blow have been useful.

Fix anemia
Traditionally physicians believe that regular consumption of DOWSHAB with meals, fruit juice or with snack food reduce and treat anemia and maintaining the health of the person.
The benefits of DOWSHAB during pregnancy
One of remedial measures in order to eliminate bleeding in early pregnancy is consuming DOWSHAB. In fact, the nutrients in DOWSHAB has positive effects on the female reproductive system and specially ovarian function.

The preparation of DOWSHAB:
There are nearly 20 thousand hectares of vineyards in West Azerbaijan and up to 200 thousand tons of products harvested annually and used for juice factory and raisin production and DOWSHAB.
Every year, from the end of September to mid-October, the ancient ceremony ”DOWSHAB PAZAN” begins in the Azeri-speaking and Azeri-settled areas of the country, which may be subject to greater changes depending on the weather conditions of each region.
Nowadays, DOWSHAB production is in two main methods: traditional and industrial methods.
After washing the grapes, grapes is crushed and their water is taken, then special soil
(white soil) is added. White soil is usually heated under the sun or on the heater, then, it is added to grape juice (unheated soil makes grape juice muddy).
White sand is alkaline soil and by combining the minerals that causes grape pomace to be deposited with the soil. Grape juice that white soil is added to it, hold a night and then it is smoothed by textiles and then the soil of it is separated. Then, after 2 hour, separated grape juice is poured into the pot and boiled until they become golden color close to fry. During heating, yeasts and molds of the product destroy and finally, relatively concentrated syrup with brown color is achieved.
Of course, it's good to know that the concentration and color of the juice varies depending on the type of grape and baking process in different cities.
DOWSHAB is used to cook domestic foods such as Qyqnaq, Baslvq, Qvymakh and cooking Halva, including walnuts, carrots (souvenir of Urmia), local Halva and different kinds of jam and also is eaten with some food such as yogurt.

How maintenance:
SAP has very little moisture and too much sugar, so there is no possibility for growth and reproduction of microorganisms. To keep the juice does not need to be refrigerated and it can be stored a long time in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. If the juice is refrigerated, shelf-life will be longer. It is better to keep in the glass container (preferably dark).

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