Alzheimers Control: Melitropic

Melitropic capsule:

Drug Configuration ( chirality): Oral capsule

Effective ingredient:

Each capsule contains 400 mg. of Melissa Officinalis dried extract.


Alzheimer control and agitation symptom abatement or patient irritability (1).


One capsule daily preferably taken by meal (1).

Side effects:

Any medicine creates therapeutic effects along side effect , although those side effect may not manifested in a recipient ,but the patient may consult with physician in case of any contraindications. Nausea, vomit , bowel pain , vertigo and wheezing .

Contraindications and critical notes:

Should the patient involve specific disease or intake of specific medicine it is advisable to consult with physician before digestion of the herbal medicine. In case of allergic sensitivity to extract or other substance of the formulation it is recommended to stop intake (2).

Indication during pregnancy and breast feeding:

It is advisable to consult with physician before medication during pregnancy and breast feeding.

Storange Instructions:

Store it in dry and cool place out of sunlight under less than 30 centigrade degrees.

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