Beef Cattle/Sheep/Goat
It is formed by the combination of natural aromatic plants. It is in powder form. It must be presented to the consumption of animals throughout the yield period. The Meat Plus was given additionally to two fattening feed groups at the same time, same condition and ration. While the other group reached to the targeted weight in 6 months, the group taking Meat Plus reached to targeted weight in 5 months.

• Increases daily live weight gain by 15% – 20%.
• Has calming feature on animals
• Allows the animals to reach in less time to targeted live weight
• Increases animal feed efficiency by increasing the beneficial microorganism population in the rumen.
• Strengthens the immune system and increases its resistance against diseases.
• Increase meat quality and yield.
• Minimizes the nutrition-related problems at least caused by heat stress.
• Suppresses nutrition-related problems such as bloating, acidosis, wall-soil licking and fecal softness.

Usage and Prospectus For MeatPlus: 10gr/day for each 100 kg live weight.
Usage and Prospectus For MeatPlus: 2 gr/day for each 10 kgs live weight.

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