It is formed by the combination of natural aromatic plants. It is in powder form. It must be presented to the consumption of animals throughout the yield period.
• Increases milk yield (at least 10%) and quality.
• Reaches the maximum amount of total milk obtained in a lactation period by extending the animal’s staying at peak time.
• Increases animal feed efficiency by increasing the beneficial microorganism population in the rumen.
• Strengthens the immune system and increases its resistance against diseases.
• Suppresses nutrition-related problems such as bloating, acidosis, wall-soil licking and fecal softness.
• Prevents the cows having newborns to enter negative energy balance by increasing the consumption of dry matter.
• Minimizes the nutrition-related problems at least caused by heat stress.
• Minimizes the estrus and fertility problems of animals using by regularly.
The Herbal contents provide regular functioning of the hormonal system
Usage and Prospectus:
Dairy Cows: 50 gr/day (half dose, in dry season)
Heifer: 10 g/day for each 100 kg (half the dose, before 2 months to birth)
Calf: 2.5 gr/day for each 50 kgs live weight (mixing with milk or food)
Dairy Sheep and Goat: 8 gr/day (half dose, in dry season)

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